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Before we go any further, this blog is for absolute beginners who have no idea how and where to start playing guitar. This is just to get you started with some basics.

Today  we’re gonna be talk about :

1. Buying a guitar.

2. Finding a good guitar teacher or lessons.

3. Learn and clear the basics first.

4. Be patient and productive.

Buying a guitar

Now to start learning guitar the first thing you need is a guitar. LOL everyone knows that, but what people don’t know is how to select one or which one to go for.

Fix a budget: Guitars today come in a massive range, so, you need to decide what range to go for.
NOTE: Don’t go for the cheapest ones. That’s just a bad investment. Spending more money usually will be more effective in the long run. As its really just a onetime investment for year.
Knowing your taste of music: This thing don’t matter a lot but still few people may consider it. Its actually just related to the type of guitar you want-steel string acoustic guitar or with some pickups controls.

Find the best Guitar for your price: There are really a lot of places to buy a guitar from. Consider all of them. There are many YouTube videos out that reviews all types of guitars. Go through them to find the best pick. At the end, all that matters is the sound of the guitar and not the “branding’’ so choose wisely. Although most brand names provide superior sound, you should still just consider the sound factor over the brand factor.

Note: don’t stick strictly to your budget. If you are getting a better guitar at a little extra price, go for it, you will not regret that. Take my words on that.
At the end, your first guitar is going to be with you for quite long, if not lifetime. So, better do some research before actually buying a guitar.

Also don’t just go for the guitar alone as you are gonna need few accessories with it. For example, picks or gig bags etc. So, while going to a store to buy a guitar, instead of asking for discount on the guitar itself, ask them for some freebies say few picks and extra strings. This way both you and the store owner are happy. Yeah yeah...

Finding a good guitar teacher or online lessons
So, you have bought a guitar. Next thing to do is to find a good tutor nearby or finding quality lessons online and once found, stick to them. Simply ask other student at a class about the way he teaches and see if that fits you. For online lessons, you can simply check the videos, and if you understand something stick to that.

Sticking to the teacher or lessons is important. 
As everyone has his/her own unique way of teaching and changing teachers or lessons will simply mean starting again from bottom.
Although its necessary, if you don’t find your teacher not worthy, its better to change than to stick.

Learn and master the basics
First this out the most common mistakes among beginners- “being impatient”. Although this can be a mistake, it can also be the thing that might distinguish you from rest of the guitar players.

Its not an easy job but it was easy, everyone would have been a great guitar player. Right. The next point will help you more on this.

Be patient and productive
The being patient part is almost caused above. You, only have to be be patient, but at the same time be productive, means learning something of values in every practice. You should have a proper practice routine. Set goals (realistic goals) for your practice like learning a scale or whatever and work you way out to break these goals. This way, you’ll always be doing something new and not stuck at one place.

Note:  In yours practice, don’t play the songs or chords you already know as most people tend to do that. Instead concentrate more on what you want to play next in order to make your practice way more effective.

At last, its totally upto the time you give to the instrument, may it be any instrument and every single person has his/her own unique way of learning.
 I couldn't cover all that i wanted to in one blog . Its lengthy enough. 

Let me know down in the comments below about what you want me to cover.