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Question:An Extra Mile makes the heap of difference but how to do it.

Question:An Extra Mile makes the heap of difference but how to do it.

Question: - What to do different to become a Successful Entrepreneur and Roll Model/Hero for someone. It's just an extra  mile you decide to go ahead from where other turn their back, that moment every baby steps stands you out of the flock. 

We have heard many times that creativity is very rare to find but in my point of view each one of us is having creativity it just the right situation which not let the SEED of creativity sprout or sprouted might have not got the right ingredients to SURVIVE.

The point which I would like to make is that survival is something which is important because seed of creativity is always with each of us.

Let's take few examples:

1)There are many people having creativity well inculcated till their studies and then start working for Big MNC's. According to a Survey, many of employee has accepted that in Big organizations its difficult to make your points and grow creativity as it always company routine works has the highest priority for which they have hired you and that work itself occupies you so much that there is very less time to look at other side or sustain your idea. That's why many employees quit to follow their dreams and able to SURVIVE their creativity.

2) It is also very difficult to go alone and make your creativity work for you. Alone, a genius can create a master piece but to create a showcasing or gallery or entire wing, he needs hands. So, company of right people and joining hands with able one's is which give right situation or environment to SURVIVE that seed of creativity and what will help you to go an extra a mile.

Ans.: Look around and look for the suitable environment to SURVIVE your SEED of creativity let it spout and protect it. This will make you to walk that extra Mile which makes a heap of difference.

"Know it and Grow it" take a test

N joy!!!  SEEDER's....

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